‘The Walking Dead’ season 3, episode 12 review: Rick meets a ghost from his past

The Walking Dead season 3On tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3, Rick, Michonne and Carl leave the prison on a supply run to get ready for battle against the Governor, but it seems that everywhere they go it’s wiped clean – they can’t find guns or ammunition anywhere.  They come across a part of town that is fenced off with handwritten signs telling trespassers to turn around and go away, but Rick knows that their is a bar there where the owner kept a gun.  When a man on a building gives them a warning to leave (and he has a rifle) they decide to fire at him to get the rifle and Carl is the one to take him down.  Luckily, the man is wearing body armor and Carl doesn’t kill him, but when they remove his mask Rick recognizes him (as Morgan), saying that he once saved Rick’s life.

Rick and Michonne bring Morgan inside his place that is filled with traps, guns, grenades, and bombs.  As Michonne and Carl start to load up their bags with everything they can carry, Rick decides to wait for him to wake up instead of just robbing him blind.  Carl tells Rick that he wants to go on a run to a baby store that’s near by to get a crib, and Michonne offers to go with him suspecting that Carl’s not really interested in the crib.  Carl get to his real destination (a cafe) where he steals a photo of his family from the wall so that his sister has a photo of their mother.

When Morgan wakes up he tries to kill Rick, stabbing him in the arm and begging Rick to kill him.  Rick reminds him of who he is and how they know each other, that he once saved Rick’s life.  Morgan tells him that one day when he was looking for food his wife (who had turned into a walker) attacked their son and he finally had the courage to put her down (something he couldn’t do when he was with Rick), but it was too late for his son. Rick decides that Morgan needs to come back with him to the prison, but Morgan knows that something isn’t right with the prison because of the guns they were taking from him and won’t go with them.

Did you hope that Morgan would go back the prison with Rick and help in his fight against the Governor?  Did you like that the entire episode only focused on Michonne, Rick and Carl?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” season 3.

Photo: AMC

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