Westworld season 4 episode 3: Caleb and Maeve’s discovery

WestworldWestworld season 4 episode 3 had an opportunity to really dive head-first into the new 1920’s world. So what did we discover along the way? Well, it was rather similar to the old world, for better or for worse.

What we really wish ultimately is that this episode spent more time actually exploring things on the surface, mostly because it makes Hale’s operation all the more sinister. She is, after all, working to do to the humans what the humans did to the Hosts. It is the ultimate act of vengeance, and what happened to Caleb at the end of this episode was that ratcheted up to yet another level.

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We suppose that nothing was a surprise when it comes to Hale’s creations — a lot of this was stuff that we already knew she was doing! The fundamental difference, of course, was just seeing how far she was going and seeing more characters we know directly involved. Caleb now finds himself in a horrible spot moving forward, one where he himself could become one of the human subjects of Hale’s experiments.

Also, the flies will forever freak us out. That is not changing.

The biggest letdown in the episode to us comes via the Christina storyline and our search for answers there, but we presume the show is slow-playing that to make the big reveal at the end all that much more effective. We don’t blame them for that, but we absolutely hope that it’s worthwhile. It just feels like somehow, Evan Rachel Wood’s character is subconsciously tied to a lot of what is happening, even if she doesn’t quite know it yet.

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What did you think about the events of Westworld season 4 episode 3 overall?

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