This Is Us season 6 episode 16: Kate decides on Rebecca’s future

This Is UsAs we prepared for This Is Us season 6 episode 16 tonight on NBC, we knew that there were some important choices ahead for the Pearsons. In particular, we knew that Kate Pearson was going to be at the center of many of them. She had to make the hard choice when it comes to how Rebecca could live out her final days, as she was clearly deteriorating in the period of time following Miguel’s death.

The decision the family came to was not easy, and it’s also not one that the Big Three figured out right away.

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What a lot of this episode revolved around was the Big Three trying to defy some previous expectations. Take, for example, Kate determining that she could be in control, and she wouldn’t just go with what her brothers wanted. Meanwhile, Kevin felt like he was the screw-up for most of his life and wanted to be the responsible one now. It’s why he and Sophie decided to move back East, so that he could live with Rebecca and she’d have family there at all times. He was finishing up The Manny there, and that allowed Kate to continue some of the work she was doing for the state of California.

This solution was one that Randall was also okay with, though earlier in the episode, he advocated for moving Rebecca down to Philadelphia. It was just going to be a tough thing to maintain since he had to be in Washington to fulfill his duties as a Senator a lot of the time.

Was this a beautiful episode? Sure, but we can’t also look past the lack of surprises. It is rather convenient, for example, that Madison and Elijah wanted to move to the East Coast anyway, so this made the choice even easier for Kevin when it comes to spending time with his kids. Still, it was important that the Big Three all get on the same page; this way, we can all prepare for what could be a gut-wrenching part of the story next week.

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