Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 4: Will Harrison be a killer?

Dexter: New BloodIn this particular article about Dexter: New Blood season 1 episode 4, it feels like high time to dive into an important subject: Harrison.

From the moment he was introduced, it was fair to wonder whether or not Dexter Morgan’s son was harboring some sort of Dark Passenger of his own. how in the world could we not? This is a kid who has suffered a great deal of trauma, including some that happened when he was still too young to potentially remember. There is so many reasons to think that he could be dangerous, whether it be what we saw with him versus the bullies at school or the simple fact that the show is titled New Blood.

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One way or the other, we think a lot of this mystery could be unraveled thanks to Ethan, Harrison’s classmate and someone who we already had a chance to meet. While he’s the victim of a lot of kids saying and doing nasty things to him, we’ve seen already that he fantasizes about killing them. Will Harrison try to help this kid, or bring out some of the worst in him? Will Harrison end up enabling Ethan to act on his impulses, and thus force Harrison to do something to him?

Regardless of if Ethan is involved or not, we imagine that Dexter: New Blood will give us a firm answer on Ethan before the end of the next few episodes. Before we get to the end of this season, we really should know what this character is capable of, right?

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