The Blacklist season 8 finale photo: Reddington & Liz’s talk

The BlacklistWith The Blacklist season 8 finale airing in just a couple of days, the folks at NBC are finally deciding to share more info! Today, a number of new promotional photos were uploaded, and they prove further that Liz and Reddington make it out of their life-or-death crisis in one piece.

Of course, that does not mean that they’re on the same page in the slightest. Is she still going to want him dead?

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The obvious good news for now is that Reddington and Liz, in the image above, are far from the chaos of the Latvian compound where Neville Townsend attempted to kill them. It appears as though they are in a hotel somewhere, and judging from his presence in some other pictures, Dembe is also there. Maybe this is where he tells her the truth about his identity! It’s not exactly safe for him to do that in the middle of all the aforementioned chaos.

Of course, there are two other interesting clues in this image: An envelope-of-sorts that Reddington may be holding, and then also the presence of all the prescription drugs in the background. We said over the weekend that we wanted to see Reddington’s illness return to the show somehow, and this could be a sign that it is! He may tell Liz that his illness is the reason behind his urgency, as he wants her to take over his criminal empire. There’s still no word on if she will ever success –judging from the fact that Megan Boone is leaving after the finale, we’re not optimistic.

Based on these images, though, it feels fair to say that the finale is going to be even more intriguing than we though possible beforehand…

What do you think Liz and Reddington will discuss on The Blacklist season 8 finale?

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