The Blacklist season 8 episode 8 video: How is Ogden Greeley connected?

The BlacklistThe Blacklist season 8 episode 8 carries with it the title of “Ogden Greeley,” and we already have questions about this title character. Do they matter to what Elizabeth Keen is up to? We at least have some early theories about that.

Let’s start with who Greeley is — based on the new promo (see the bottom of this article), you can see that this is a man who may very well want to sell intelligence to the highest bidder. That’s terrible news for America … but potentially good news for Liz?

For all sorts of other theories about Greeley and this episode, have you seen our personal preview yet? Watch that below! We talk about the Blacklister, Harold Cooper, and the return of the bird-watching. You’re not going to want to miss more of our weekly discussions, so the best way to stay up to date is to subscribe to Matt and Jess on YouTube!

There are a few things that we don’t know about Megan Boone’s character at present. Take, for example, what she’s been up to in the time she’s been away from the team. Also, how much money does she really have? She drained one of Reddington’s bank accounts with the help of turncoat Skip, but we’re not altogether sure that this is enough to even make a dent in buying valuable intelligence. She may need more money, whether that comes from another Reddington account, Alexander Kirk (if he ever returns), or from some other place.

It’s also possible that this Blacklister Greeley has very little to do with Liz at all — he could be connected instead to Rakitin, the hacker we heard about last night, and the mysterious Man from the East we’ve seen Reddington meet up with. They clearly expect James Spader’s character to deliver them information, and maybe this case is somehow tied to that.

No matter what you think is coming, one thing is clear: This is one of those episodes that could have huge implications on the future.

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How do you think “Ogden Greeley” could shape the future on The Blacklist season 8?

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