Animal Kingdom season 5: Is filming still going on?

Animal Kingdom season 3At the moment, we’re still-very much in a waiting game for Animal Kingdom season 5. We know that it’s coming, but at present there is no official premiere date.

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Here is the good news that we can hand down — filming is still happening! It’s just taking place in a relatively quiet fashion. Star Ben Robson (who plays Craig) recently confirmed on Twitter that filming is going on. There hasn’t been all that much in the way of behind-the-scenes teases as of late, but we can’t say that this is altogether surprising. The set probably looks and feels rather different than it has in past years, with that being a consequence-of-sorts to what is going on with the global health crisis. Everyone has to be a little bit more distanced than in the past; plus, the cast has to be pretty late in the season at this point and wants to avoid spoilers. Remember that production was going on for a certain period of time before the global pandemic even happened.

Hopefully, TNT will announce a premiere date in the weeks to come, but we can go ahead and tell you that the new episodes are going to feature the Cody family trying to move forward past the death of Smurf. We feel like there has to be some sort of a power struggle, and we’ll see that play out across some more jobs that J, Deran, Craig, and Pope try to run.

Also, there are still going to be some more Smurf flashbacks — they’ll continue to remain a part of the series in their own unique way.

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