Hightown season 6 spoilers: The aftermath of Krista Collins reveal

HightownAs we move into Hightown episode 6 on Starz next week, it should be abundantly clear that we are entering a new era for the show. One of the things that we’ve been looking for is to see some of the storylines converge, and now they have!

Granted, we don’t think that this is exactly how we imagined them happening. Jackie had a chance to legitimately save Krista Collins, the woman she’s been desperately looking for over the past couple of episodes. She was doing things the right way. Then, she went on a bender and her actions ended up leading her astray. She was on her way to the hotel when she got herself thrown out of the car, and that’s without even hearing the voicemail.

Yet, Krista is dead. Osito killed her. He wanted to tie up loose ends but there was a chance that Jackie otherwise could’ve been there in time. That guilt will probably eat her alive, even if she’s trying to pass it on to someone else. Take, for example, Ray. She warned Ray about Krista some time back, and it is clear at the moment that he could’ve done something so much more than what he did in order to help her. That just didn’t happen. He’s had his own stuff going on, including this relationship with Renee that is getting more and more complicated over time. She’s distancing from Frankie, which of course Frankie doesn’t like.

Osito, meanwhile, will also recognize further in episode 6 that he may not need Frankie anymore, either. Junior has proven himself to a certain extent to him, even though it’s clear to us that Junior is not someone who can altogether handle this world.

If there’s one thing that we can say about Hightown at the moment, it’s this: The show is currently getting all the more complicated and messy with every passing episode. Also, we love every single second of it. Jackie still has an opportunity to help get justice, but she’s going to need to conquer her demons and get on the straight and narrow.

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