The Crown season 3 trailer: How much is the world changing?

Crown season 3Are you prepared to see The Crown season 3? The latest batch of new episodes are premiering soon, and the new trailer is all sorts of powerful.

Is there a central theme for this season? At the moment, it appears to be this more than anything: Change. Queen Elizabeth comments within this video that when she took over the throne, the country was in a good place. Now, in her view things are falling apart. The role of the Monarchy can be to smooth over and resolve crises, but that doesn’t always work. There are issues sometimes that are too much for people to deal with, and this could be the way of things now. Elizabeth has to persevere, and then also prepare her family for the events taking place around her.

A big part of our fascination in this story comes via this: The emotional undercurrent. We already have read the history books, just as we have also seen all sorts of headlines about the Royal Family through the past couple of decades. We’ve read and heard all of that before, so that’s not our real point of interest here. Instead, what we’re talking about here is how the Queen feels about some of what is going on around her. To go along with that, we’re also examining the relationship between her and Prince Philip — and, of course, her relationship with the British public.

Beyond the emotional stories that are at heart here, one of the other selling points here is the cast. Olivia Colman is leading the way as Queen Elizabeth, but then there’s a fantastic supporting cast including Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter, and others. This is a case who should stay cemented within the series moving forward into season 4 — at that point, things will change again.

Just like within the world of The Crown, we would say the same thing about the series externally: Change is a vital component to this world.

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What do you want to see in regards to The Crown season 3, based on the new trailer — also, do you think that this season will live up to what we saw the first two times? Be sure to share in the comments, and remember to stick around for some more news. (Photo: Netflix.)

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