Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Possible nominations (day 31)

Cliff HoggWho are the possible nominations within the Big Brother 21 game as of right now? We are here to share that with you as we’re getting close to having the week that longtime fans have been waiting for this season.

As of this morning, it feels like Cliff has done a great job of not buying into the bluster of some of the people within the Six Shooters alliance. He doesn’t want to make a move that isn’t going to help him down the road; instead, he wants to find a way to make one that is going to shake up the game in a big way. He’s reasonably close to Jackson, and since Kat also doesn’t want him or Holly on the block, it seems like he is focusing his possible nominations on the group of Jack, Analyse, Tommy, and Christie. Two of the four will be up for eviction and in a typical week, if one of the four not nominated won the Veto and used it, the other person not nominated would go up. This is where the Diamond Power of Veto comes into play.

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Overnight, Christie decided to tell/threaten Cliff about having it. This is a big-time power move on her part since she recognizes that this could be the thing that dramatically turns things around this week. Because almost everyone in the house knows about it, we feel like it’s probably going to be used this week if Christie has a chance to use it. Winning Veto for the outsiders is top priority, but because Jack has his own power to re-draw players, that could also be a problem. It may end up being Cliff against the world in order to get this Veto necklace.

The good news is that even if Christie has the ability to play it, there’s no guarantee that she will keep the alliance safe this week. That’s where some of the underdogs become important. If Cliff can unify everyone outside the Six Shooters, he can force a 5-5 tie and then break the time as Head of Household if one of his numbers goes on the block. The problem is that he will be forced to rely on players like Nick, Bella, and Kat to make this move and that’s not ideal.

The big takeaway from overnight is that we may be in for a great week. It could also end up being a nail-biter.

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