NCIS season 16: Mario Bello jokes about Sloane, Gibbs’ romance

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For everyone out there who loves Maria Bello, why not embrace an opportunity to watch her talk about NCIS a little more?

Recently, we shared an interview that featured her reaction to Ziva’s big return to the CBS show at the end of season 16. It sets the stage for whatever is coming next and it clearly seems like she is as excited to watch future events play out as anyone else. While Maria’s never worked with Cote de Pablo, she tells ET Canada in an extended video (which you can check out below) that she’s become a fan of the show since joining and she’s watched all the way up to season 8 — otherwise known as some of the peak years for Ziva as a part of the ensemble.

Given how accomplished Maria is a performer (if you haven’t seen her in Amazon’s Goliath we highly recommend it!), there’s personally something we find really endearing about how much she’s embracing this show and its fans. She’s treating it like so much more than a job for her.

There is one other important topic in this extended interview that will please many a Sloane fan out there — or, at least, many a Gibbs/Sloane fans (Slibbs if you will). Bello jokingly tells the aforementioned entertainment show that the two want to “bang” each other (she doesn’t actually confirm f the characters will end up together romantically), but she goes on to also speak about their relationship in more serious terms:

“I really love Gibbs and Sloane’s energy together. I think we’ve found something so fun over the past couple of years. They really deeply care about each other … There’s definitely a tension there that people are picking up on that’s really nice.

“…It’s fun to play with Mark. We’re having a ball [working] together. What you’re seeing on camera is the real care and real fun we’re having together.”

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Whether it’s platonic, romantic, or just intimate in a totally different way, you have to anticipate that Gibbs and Sloane as a twosome is going to be explored and navigated a little bit more throughout some of the upcoming episodes. There is something here that the writers are enjoying working around with, and we absolutely feel like they’re going to continue to explore what this relationship means to these characters. Some of it actually does fall on Maria and Mark — they are the metaphorical instruments playing the music, and if they create a vibe here that feels appealing to the writers and fans, that gives everyone the enthusiasm to want to explore things further.

Sloane admitted at the end of season 16 that there is someone that she has feelings for romantically, and after seeing this interview and her joking about Gibbs and Sloane wanting to get busy we feel even more confident that Sloane was talking about Gibbs when she admitted those feelings. It’s possible that she wasn’t talking about Gibbs when Sloane was revealing her feelings, but a lot of what she said in this interview, coupled with their chemistry on screen feels like this is where the ship is sailing. With Gibbs’ feelings towards his rules changing a bit, it does open the door to him growing further and while it’s been a long steadfast rule that you don’t date a co-worker we have seen so much change in Gibbs that we could see him testing these waters.

We’ll see where the Gibbs/Sloane story goes when NCIS season 17 premieres come Tuesday, September 25 on CBS. If you missed it, we actually wrote a full piece all about the future of Sloane earlier this week and you can check that out over at the link here.

What do you want to see for Gibbs and Sloane moving forward on NCIS? Share in the attached comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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