This Is Us season 4 spoilers: Justin Hartley on Kevin’s mystery love

This Is Us season 3Entering This Is Us season 4, there is another mystery out there in the ether — and it’s again about the identity of a woman. Previously, it was about the identity of “Her” in the future — the person who everyone was desperately seeking out. That person ended up being Rebecca Pearson, who is nearing the end of her life based on what we saw in the season 3 finale.

The next mystery revolves around the mother of Kevin’s son. We learned that he does become a father at roughly the same time we saw Rebecca in bed — but we didn’t actually see Kevin in that timeline, let alone the mystery woman. Is it Sophie, or is it someone new? There are casting hints out there that suggest the latter more than the former, but this could be explored sooner rather than later. Here’s some of what Justin Hartley had to say about the potential reveal to come via Entertainment Weekly:

It’s pretty awesome. It comes together in a way where it’s very satisfying for the audience. I also think it makes a lot of sense, and it’s one of those standard This Is Us writer moments where when you see it, you go, “Why didn’t I see that coming?” But you can’t see it until it’s in front of your face. It’s like, “Oh, oh, okay! Yeah. Oh, good. Okay. Okay!”…. It’s in keeping with the story and Kevin and who he’s become and who he used to be, for sure.

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Whoever is going to be with Kevin does need to understand a number of things about him, including much of what he’s been through as a person. This is a man who has experienced a lot of hardship and also has a lot of demons. His alcoholism isn’t something that is going to be going away in the future; he needs to keep that under control and also understand more of why he reacts to vulnerability in the way that he does. A potential love needs to be patient with him when it’s required, but then also demanding at other points. There needs to be a genuine combination of these different things since that may be what actually makes this relationship healthy and have staying power … if it does. Remember, we don’t know if Kevin and the mother of his son are actually together. That’s just something that we’re hoping for.

At least we know that the writers are going to have plenty of time in order to tell some of these stories. Remember here that This Is Us is going to be sticking around until at least season 6, thanks to NBC making its bold decision to renew the show for a long time. Obviously, they don’t foresee this show slowing down at any point in the near future.

What do you think Kevin’s future is going to hold for him moving into This Is Us season 4? Be sure to share in the comments! (Photo: NBC.)

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