Snowfall season 3 episode 1 spoilers: The fear of losing an empire

Snowfall season 2 episode 2Snowfall season 3 will be making its way to television — finally! — on July 10. This season will show you the latest phase of Franklin’s empire … and also if he’s escaped that in-over-his-head feeling. When he started off the business, he never expected this. It was hard to predict that a drug empire would be just as addictive as the drug itself. It’s about feeling that power and finding value in something you haven’t before — even if it’s illegal and dangerous.

Franklin’s a multi-faceted character, so within the first episode you’re not going to just see him intent on running an operation. He wants to find a way to pay things forward. Maybe he’s down to clear his conscience or he actually still cares about the world around him. Either way, these will be fundamentally important parts of the story coming in the premiere, entitled “Protect and Swerve.” It may start with some benevolent notes before descending into cacophony, one caused mostly by a new crew and a threat of the business collapsing because of a new threat. It’s one thing running from the cops; it’s another thing having to run because another dealer is flexing in your jurisdiction.

Want to get some more specifics? Then check out, per SpoilerTV, the official Snowfall season 3 premiere synopsis:

Franklin and Cissy look to make an investment in the community, while Andre tries to figure out what is destroying it. Jerome unveils his new business. A new cook on the streets is competing with Franklin’s crew. Teddy’s operation in Mexico becomes more complicated. Written by Dave Andron; directed by Dan Attias.

So how does this show continue to see Franklin grow while putting him through hell? That’s a part of the fun, and the insanity of this show. You have to balance out these factors and then also the heartbreaking reality that eventually, Franklin’s going to push most of the people he loves away from him. It’d be great if that wasn’t the case, but we’ve certainly seen this game before. In creating an empire, you cut out just about any person and every person who was previously a part of said empire. That’s going to be heartbreaking when you think about Frankin’s family and it’s the darkest part of this show. There’s a part of the antihero you love and want to root for, but then you realize that eventually, the antihero’s going to disappoint you and turn you into a crying mess. Happens all the time.

Within the next month, we expect some more details to come out and hopefully, we’ll get a better sense of the quality of season 3. We’d say that overall, season 2 was one of the most-improved seasons of any show out there. It was a big step forward and it felt like in between the people, the places, and the passion, Snowfall understood just what it wanted to be and it found it’s legs. If you haven’t discovered this show yet, we highly recommend checking it out.

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Check out the link here and bookmark it — that’s going to be your source for the remainder of this season! Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts on the premiere details below. (Photo: FX.)

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