Claws season 3 trailer: Is Desna really about to take over Florida?

ClawsToday, TNT released the latest Claws season 3 trailer, and the implication you’re going to get from it right away is simple: Desna’s feeling good. Very good. After all, her enterprise is in a better place than it’s ever been — she’s got the salon, but then she’s also got the casino. She’s come into a lot of money and some of the problems from her past may be firmly in the rear-view mirror.

There is a celebratory air to this trailer, or at least as celebratory as one can be when you remember that this is also a show steeped in violence, and one where a ton of crazy stuff can happen at just about any given moment in time. Desna’s still aspiring for more, and that includes building a larger empire across Florida. She’s got the hustle for it, but the question you gotta wonder is just how far she’s willing to go to make it happen. Can’t you see her getting herself in too deep?

One more happy reminder before we start to wade into the darkness: Virginia is back! Given how popular this character is, we know that plenty of people are going to be happy with the news that she is still alive. It’s an interesting choice for TNT to not wait until the premiere in order to reveal that she’s out there, but they must’ve figured that eventually, the truth was going to come out anyway.

Now, let’s talk darkness, because there almost certainly will be darkness. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone given the way that season 2 ended. One of the top season 3 priorities needs to be getting to the bottom of that crazy finale shooting, and then also seeing if something similar is gonna keep happening. We’re worried for Desna, Virginia, and really the rest of the salon given that the higher up the food chain they get, the more like it’s gonna be that some people start coming to tear them down. As a matter of fact, it feels kinda inevitable. There could be threats that we haven’t even heard from before in season 3, and they could be as dangerous as any we’ve seen.

Above all else, we want to see through Claws season 3 a story that is funny, but also intense, gloriously dark, and thoroughly entertaining. Few shows feel more perfect for the summer, or find a way to keep you guessing. It’s not of any one genre, and that really just adds further to the guessing game and the crazy speculation. Claws is returning on Sunday, June 9, so when you start to think about it, that’s really not that far away at all!

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