Is 911 new tonight on Fox? Early season 3 expectations

9-1-1 season 2 episode 2Is 911 new tonight on Fox? In the world of firefighters, paramedics, and other heroes of Los Angeles, you have to imagine that there is always going to be the next big rescue. These characters, within the scope of their own world, have not been sitting around and staring at the ceiling for the better part of the past six days. We like to imagine them being out in the field saving the day … and we’re going to have to hope that they are out doing this for a little while still.

After all, last week was the finale, so there is no new episode tonight and more than that, there won’t be another one until we get around to the fall. There are some more stories coming your way, but you’ll be waiting most likely to see them until this fall. We don’t exactly see Fox breaking the network mold and taking a big risk with a show that is already a big-time hit for them. There’s a chance for them to do something like this instead with a different show if they want to ensure that they can get some of the numbers.

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Instead, we’re looking into our metaphorical crystal ball here and seeing them bring back 911 with new episodes in late September, in the show’s new timeslot Monday nights at 8:00. We’re expecting in a lot of ways a reset with some of the stories, especially since there were a number of loose ends tied up already within the scope of the season 2 finale. Take, for example, just some of what we had a chance to see with Bobby and Athena getting married, or Eddie getting some great news for his career, or Chimney and Maddie deciding to really go for it with their relationship.

If there is one major dangling thread at the moment, it is the status of Buck, a guy who is so committed to this job that he is willing to risk his entire future to ensure that he gets back out there and puts out fires, in a lot of ways, we admire him for the bravery … but also fear for his safety at every step. The biggest thing that he needs moving into season 3 is a hobby, or at least something that allows him to take a step away from his job and realize that nothing is more important than making sure that he doesn’t hurt himself more. This is a journey that will continue — we’ve already got proof and evidence of it! We’re expecting that emotional arc to continue, and there will be some others that rear their head.

Of course, you also gotta assume that there will be opportunities to see more daring, creative rescues not too long after the show returns — they are the bread and butter of this story!

What do you want to see when 911 is back on the air, and are you bummed out that the season is already over? (It does feel like time flies sometimes when you’re checking out good TV!) Share in the comments, and check back soon for some more information. (Photo: Fox.)

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