Prepare for Big Little Lies season 2 by watching first season online for free

Big Little LiesFor those of you who want to know what the hype is all about with Big Little Liesnow is your chance!

This weekend, HBO is giving you a chance, via their official YouTube channel, to watch the first season of the Reese Witherspoon – Nicole Kidman series, which became of course an enormous success when it first premiered. All season 1 episodes are there, and in case you are wondering why they are doing this, it’s all a way to build up some more hype leading into the show’s season 2 premiere on Sunday, June 9.

Did HBO have to make this move? Certainly not, given that the first season was a solid ratings success story when it first aired — but clearly, they want to try and see if they can push things to the next level for season 2 and get some more viewers to subscribe in order to watch it. The strategy here is rather simple — it’s getting you hooked on a show and then hope that you pay for it in the future. This is actually something a little bit similar to what is happening at the moment with Outlander — the first two seasons are coming onto Netflix a little bit later in the month and apparently, one of the chief motivating factors in doing this is to properly ensure that there is a larger audience out there in the future for the show on Starz. If they can get you hooked where you already are (whether it be YouTube or on Netflix), that’s a great way in order to ensure that they have you in the future at the location of their choice.

Big Little Lies season 2 does already have some footage out there, but even if you haven’t seen any of it, we can go ahead and tell you that emotional aftermath is one of the largest themes for what is set to come up next. You’re going to see the other side of the show’s central season 1 death, and with that also a prominent new arrival in Meryl Streep. It’s going to pick up the threads from the first season and carry them through in an incredible, emotionally compelling way. Of course, we also imagine there will be some further surprises along the way.

As for whether or not there could be a season 3 … well, it’s hard to even go there at the moment. Even if everyone says no right now, we certainly didn’t get the sense before season 1 started that it would eventually morph into anything more than a limited series. That is, after all, where it was classified in a lot of the categories come awards season.

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