‘True Blood’: Alexander Skarsgard reflects before season 6

“True Blood” may have already finished airing its fifth season here in America, but the hit HBO show is now getting ready to launch across the pond with all-new episodes. (Think of it as the same sort of situation that “Downton Abbey” has in the United States, but in reverse.)

So what does one of the show’s actors have to say about what his character has gone through in retrospect? Speaking as a mart of a new interview with SFX, here is what Alexander Skarsgard (who you may otherwise know for his character of Eric Northman) had to say about this very subject:

“On this show, I didn’t know how Season 5 would end until a few days before we started shooting because we didn’t have the scripts yet, so that’s weird and scary, but creatively that’s good, to be a little intimidated … Last year I got to work on a completely different side of the character with the amnesia, and this year I have the bromance, so five years in, I’m still excited.”

So where is the story for Eric heading next? Here’s what we do now: now that he has witnessed Bill Compton being turned into a bloody vampire demigod, he has to do just about everything that he can to ensure that there is a way to change him back. In addition to that, Eric of course has plenty of other fellow vampires to worry about, whether it be his own progeny in Pam, her own progeny (and possible future girlfriend) in Tara, or even Bill’s creation in Jessica … who is surely going to be feeling pretty lost in the world now that she does not have that sort of father figure looking over her.

What sort of storyline do you want to see Eric have for this coming season?

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