The Durrells season 4 episode 4 review: Leslie plays Cupid; community crisis

The DurrellsTonight on The Durrells season 4 episode 4, we’re presenting you with more matters of the heart — and a story that was all about being culturally sensitive.

For Louisa, she was having a hard time realizing that her business was struggling and the family wasn’t altogether well-liked within the greater Corfu community. They feel like they’re a bunch of crazy ruffians who are stirring up trouble — they don’t follow local traditions, and it doesn’t help that there are some guests who are skinny-dipping in the ocean.

With that in mind, tonight’s episode brought us an opportunity to see Louisa lead a charge to try and change the family’s reputation … but it didn’t go too well. The problem here is that it’s rather hard to fake this sort of behavior for too long, so of course, this was found out.

As the episode started to wind down, Louisa decided to take one last salvo in making sure the locals would respect her — wearing traditional garb and working to take part in a local festival. It’s a great way of community immersion, but a little less successful when you don’t know the traditional dance moves. She and Leslie found themselves subject to many a judgmental stare throughout much of the routine, really to the point that by the end of this, Leslie was “done” and was ready to do whatever he wanted instead — think in terms of him getting some “booze and snacks” before going about his merry way.

While Louisa’s plan was a bit crazy, it ended up actually working! It seemed as though Corfu was at least a tad kinder to her at the end of the hour.

Leslie as Cupid

Meanwhile, Leslie tonight determined that he was going to be the ultimate matchmaker, basically doing everything that he could in order to set up Spiros and Louisa. He recognized that Dimitra wasn’t altogether interested in him these days and with that, there could be someone else for him out there in Basil, who didn’t exactly have much of a chance with Louisa herself.

Who would’ve thought that Dimitra and Basil would’ve gotten along as well as they did? We don’t necessarily think that this is going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Spiros and Dimitra, but ’tis a start, no? Spiros also decided to stay at the Durrells’ at the end of the episode, making it clear that he wanted to work on his handyman project at the house … though we think there’s an ulterior motive sprinkled in there, even if he may not want to admit it. (Of course, Spiros has that whole double-standard thing going on, mostly because he’s upset about the idea of Dimitra being with someone else. Spiros may not have physically been with someone else, but the feelings are still there.)

What’s going on with Margo?

Well, that’s reasonably easy to describe: She’s still doing everything that she can to be a proper governess, but it’s not working altogether well for her. She’s instead opted to spend more of her time at the cinema with Maud, which caused a little bit of surprise friction.

Ultimately, we do think Margo will be back soon.

CarterMatt Verdict

While the antics of Louisa in the community were amusing, we’ll also give The Durrells some credit for at least trying to teach us something new about local culture. This isn’t exactly something that we’ve witnessed a whole lot of over time. The whole Spiros – Louisa storyline has always been a little bizarre for this show, mostly because it’s been based on Spiros’ bad marriage and him somehow realizing that he should end it and end up with Louisa instead. Yet, if Dimitra’s equally unhappy, isn’t it better for the two of them if they broke up?

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