Outlander season 5: More Outlander Untold scenes being planned

OutlanderIn addition to Outlander season 5 having a solid 12 episodes overall, we’re learning now that there is something a little more that the writers are planning. What is it? Think in terms of Outlander Untold. 

We’ve written quite extensive about these bonus scenes already, including a piece from this past weekend over at the link here. What Untold really represents is something that few other shows have, and that is added context. These aren’t deleted scenes at all; they are a chance to actually learn about some supporting characters who we don’t often see a point of view on through the main story of the Fraser family. For example, there are Outlander Untold scenes in the upcoming season 4 DVD / Blu-Ray (out next month) featuring the likes of Young Ian, plus also Lord John Grey, Lizzie, Jocasta, and others. We knew a reasonable amount about these characters, but how do they act when Jamie and Claire aren’t around? How are their personalities different? This is a chance to see that, and just understand better who they are within a larger world.

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While we knew previously that there were hopes to continue the Outlander Untold tradition moving into season 5, it is nice to seemingly have more confirmation that this is, indeed, a go — in a new post on Twitter, Sony’s The Outlander Collector account announced a sweepstakes where American readers (see more info the embedded tweet below) have a chance to go to the set of Outlander Untold and see a little bit of the action. You get a taste of television production and a chance to understand more some bonus goodies that viewers who see the show on Starz aren’t even going to get a chance to check out.

Personally, we love the idea of Sony doing this and giving viewers a larger taste of the Outlander world. It’s not taking away from any of the episodes and changing the story and, beyond just that, it’s also just giving consumers an added reason to purchase DVD sets. Because there are a lot of people who just have the Starz app here in the United States, there’s less of an inventive to buy something else — after all, you’ve already got access to the episodes! This changes that slightly, or at least it does if you weren’t previously interested in all of the various other special features that were included. (There really is a LOT that is packed into a lot of these things!)

For some other news right now regarding Outlander season 5…

Be sure to check out the link here, since that is where you can see a conversation about how much Roger and Bree should be featured in the promotional efforts in the months to come! Also, be sure to share below what you think about Starz bringing you more Outlander season 5 bonus scenes for the DVD. (Photo: Starz.)

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