Gotham series finale video: Batman’s voice, ‘Jeremiah’s’ return, & more

GothamWe hope that you’re ready for the Gotham series finale next week … or as ready as you’re going to ever be since this is throwing a mountain of crazy, superhero awesomeness at you in a very short amount of time.

After watching the promo below a good seven or eight times (who are we kidding … it’s more than that), the first thing that we wish is that this was some sort of three-hour movie. Given that the story is jumping forward a good ten years, there are so many things that are worth checking on. Consider the status of some of our heroes beyond Bruce Wayne (also, Batman’s voice!), the state of the city itself, and then of course ALL of your villains … and there are a lot of them.

Just in this preview alone, you get a chance to see a nice assemblage of baddies pop in and out. Of course, Riddler and Penguin are high up on the list … as they should be, and as they will be in the finale. They’re the most iconic of the Batman villains who have been featured throughout the entire series’ run. Barbara Kean is up there, as well, but her journey’s been a tad different mostly in that it feels like she’s played a good three or four characters since the start of her journey and we imagine that the version of her that exists next will be totally different than any other we’ve seen.

Then, there’s the eventual arrival of Jeremiah a.k.a. the Joker a.k.a. do you really call him the Joker? Does it even matter at this point? Judging from how Gordon mentions the name “Jeremiah” in the promo, you gotta believe that there’s at least a small part of him still in there … though he may be barely recognizable. This is a character that presumably may have been locked away for a long, long time and in there, only saw more madness stacked upon what he already had. This could be the true marriage of Jeremiah and Jerome, someone who is highly intelligent but also insanely chaotic. It’s one of the creepiest costumes we’ve ever seen for this character — sure, we understand the logic behind giving him a full head of green hair, but there is something so effective about the creepy, balding version of this character. He looks like an imp that crawled into your house and jumps out at you from underneath your bed. He’s the last sort of bad dude you want to encounter since it’s pretty darn clear that they’re going to ruin your day … or end your life. One of the two.

This series finale could very well be a pilot for a new version of Gotham down the road, even though we realize that this is actually the finale. This is just something we’ve waited and yearned to have for the past several years, really to the point that it’s almost unbelievable that we’re staring at it in the face. It’s going to be grisly, violent, funny, and beautiful in a way that only Gotham can.

Then, it’s going to be gone, and we are going to miss it for much of the months and years that follow.

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