Legacies season 2 premiere date hopes for Danielle Rose Russell, cast

Legacies cast photoFollowing tonight’s finale, are you curious in learning about the Legacies season 2 premiere date on The CW? Within this article, we’ve got more news on that very subject right now!

Let’s start off with some very good news in that we know a Legacies season 2 is coming! This news was first name official by the folks at The CW a little bit earlier in the year, and we couldn’t exactly say that it was a surprise. While no show is guaranteed much of anything when it premieres, we think that there were a lot of executives out there who were crossing their fingers and hoping for some great stuff here. Legacies got off to an okay start in the ratings, but perhaps what’s been more important than that is the consistent. It hasn’t lost any of its 18-49 audience throughout the season and that’s the sort of thing that ANY executive would love. It allows you to feel good that moving into season 2, the majority of those viewers will still be out there and be super-eager to see EVERYTHING that is coming up.

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Unfortunately, we do think that you’re going to be waiting for a long time to see whatever is next for Danielle Rose Russell and the remainder of the cast. Typically, The CW likes to premiere many of their shows in early to mid October, but for season 1 of Legacies, they held onto it a little bit later. Maybe they wanted it to coincide a little bit more with the Halloween holiday, or maybe they just wanted to use its Thursday timeslot at first to air repeats of some other programming that is starting off on their schedule.

No matter how The CW wants to do it, our feeling is that Legacies season 2 will premiere in the fall, largely because if that doesn’t happen, the network is running an exponentially-greater risk at losing some of its viewers. It’s already going to be hard having a hiatus of almost seven months; if that starts to roll over and become more along the lines of ten to eleven months or longer, then viewers may forget about this show and move on to other things. We feel like that is even likelier for shows like this that do have such a younger audience and are susceptible to checking out some other stuff.

As for what we want in season 2, it’d be nice to have some more callbacks to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals now that this world is more established; beyond that, though, we just want to see Legacies continue to have an incredible sense of fun from start to finish. This is a show that really should be all about finding ways to make us smile and to test our imagination and love of vampires, werewolves, and a wide array of other creatures in between.

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