This Is Us season 3 finale promo: Meet future Toby

This Is Us season 3Following last night’s new episode, NBC revealed the first This Is Us season 3 finale promo — and rest assured, it’s bringing the DRAMA.

There are a few moments of note within this promo, including of course Randall and Beth continuing to try to properly identify and figure out their future — hard as that may be given what they’ve gone through. You may also see Kevin and Zoe working to figure out the same thing. He may be feeling coming into this episode that he is fine letting go of the idea of having kids … but is he really? This is not really the sort of decision that you just make in a couple of days. It takes weeks and almost months, and he can’t just go into it hoping that she is going to change her mind at some point down the road. He needs to figure out his feelings and then try to move forward from there.

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Now, let’s get to the smallest moment in the promo, but also the one that is worth the greatest conversation: The sight of Toby in the future, sporting a grayer beard and arriving to visit Future Randall by himself. There’s no sight of Kate or their baby Jack, which is a cause for a little bit of concern that the two of them may not be making it so many years down the line. Jack’s life is still in danger in the present, largely because he was born so premature that the hospital has to work their hardest to simply make sure he is still breathing — let alone that he survives for several more decades. Still, the thought of Toby being alone without his wife or his son down the road is heartbreaking, especially when you consider that this is a guy who has already battled with depression so extensively and that may not be the thing that he can overcome altogether easily.

There are still other mysteries in the future timeline that aren’t even fully discussed here. Take this — is Kevin still alive? Are he and Zoe still in a romantic relationship? Did he end up having any kids with someone? There’s also the status of Rebecca’s health, given that she is the “her” that was first brought up when the flash-forwards made their first debut back in season 2. She seems to still be alive, but she could be on her deathbed and this series could eventually bring about the end of her life. We’ve already noted that we view the timeline of This Is Us as one that really encapsulates Rebecca’s life from start to finish. With that, it does make a little bit of sense that we see her when she’s younger, when she’s with Jack, the aftermath of being with him, and then also the end of her life. We’re not sure that there is a real need to flash forward even further beyond that to where most of the main characters have no real relationship with her at all.

This finale airs on NBC next week and we believe that some answers will be coming — even if we don’t get a ton of them until season 4.

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