Is Mozhan Marnò leaving The Blacklist, role of Samar Navabi?

Is Mozhan Marnò leaving The Blacklistand her role of Samar Navabi, following the events of Friday’s episode?

If you’re asking that question, we’ve got a feeling that you’re not alone — in the closing minutes of tonight’s episode, we saw Samar tell Cooper that she was quitting the Task Force. This is linked in part to her aphasia, but she declined to speak as to the reason why. That’s why, at least as we move towards the immediate future of the show, there is still an element of mystery here.

While we cannot speak for what’s coming in terms of Samar’s future for the Task Force, breathe a quick sigh of relief when it comes to Mozhan’s future on the series itself: You will continue to see her as we press onward with the story. She’ll be a part of next week’s two-hour event! Specifically, NBC makes it clear that she will make a “life-changing decision” in the first of the two episodes; whether that impacts her time around Aram or the Task Force further is to be determined, but it’s clear that she is contemplating some serious stuff at the moment as she has to look at a very different picture for her life.

For the better part of the past several years, what Samar Navabi knew more than anything else is simply this: How to be an outstanding agent. She did everything to the best of her ability and for her, it hurts too much for Cooper to see her as anything other than that person. She didn’t want to tell Aram, but he ended up finding out anyway.

Where Samar’s story could go

It’s possible that she leaves Aram and her entire life in New York, but we have a hard time imagining that her story would have this heartbreaking of an end. While love story often end badly on this show — ask Tom Keen — there’s been something so pure about their relationship. She shouldn’t shun the one person who is looking out for her. He can be a rock and a support system. She should keep Aram in her life and then after that, find a way to get proper help for her aphasia. It may be one of the only ways she can determine how to live her life in a way she wants.

What we love about this story, painful as it may be, is the vulnerability of it. We’re watching a real person struggle with some challenging, human things — these agents feel almost invulnerable at times, but we certainly know that this is far from the truth. They bleed, they hurt, and they have to make hard choices. They don’t just get better overnight, and they possibly never will.

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