Siren season 2 episode 7 review: Will Ryn sacrifice herself for Ben?

Siren season 2While Katrina herself could be seen as the villain on Siren season 2, really she’s just a foil for Ryn. They are two mermaids that want the same things, but go about it in very different ways. The real villain this season is the oil company that’s moving in to build a pipeline with the help of Ben’s dad, mom and brother (talk about kicking Ben right in the heart!). Although Ryn and Katrina don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, they do agree on one thing – the oil company needs to be stopped so everyone can go back home. They are temporarily working together with the humans to get the job done, but we suspect that if Katrina isn’t leading the pack again once all is said and done things will always be contentious between these two.

Let’s talk about that body that was fished up at the end of the last episode…

Turns out it’s Sean, Xander’s father, and with the coroner and pathologists looking at the body they can see that he was stabbed with something like a spear (which he was), but as we know everyone has been saying that he got caught in a net and went overboard. Guess that lie has surfaced and it’s being pushed up the law enforcement food chain… all the way to the FBI.

Dale is back on the job and even though the FBI is in on this case, the local sheriff’s department is working with them. Dale is back on the job and they are bringing in Calvin, Xander and Ben for questioning.When Dale comes to tell Xander the news, Nicole is there (and has now gotten herself “girlfriend” status with Xander). Ben, Calvin and Xander all decide that they aren’t going to talk and they know if they stick to that plan then they have nothing on them… then they bring in Chris!!!! We haven’t seen Chris in forever and he’s not looking well. His mind has been destroyed after hearing the siren song and while we know that Ben has been struggling with it too he some how hasn’t ended up quite like Chris or Decker.

When the FBI splits the four guys up and starts playing the shake down game that they do, Ben decides during all of it to straight up tell them that it was him that did it and that it was an accident: That Sean got caught in the net and a wave hit when Ben was holding a hook and when the boat jerked the hook went through Sean. He told the guys that they needed to wrap the body and throw him over board. Because all of their stories were so inconsistent the FBI doesn’t believe anyone and everyone’s going down for this.

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Nicole makes her move

While Xander is down at the station, Nicole takes the opportunity to rifle through Xander’s boat, but Ryn and Cami show up looking for Xander and Nicole has her first real alone time with who she suspects are mermaids. Nicole makes a call to her boss saying that now that she’s made contact with Ryn (who she feels is the leader) she thinks that taking them by force is the wrong way to go about it and inĀ  fact she thinks she can convince her to do it willingly and that way they can get more cooperation out of her for the military study. When Nicole has a moment alone with Ryn she comes clean saying that she knows who she is and that if she allows the military to study Ryn that she has powerful friends that can protect her and her pack and for a moment she has Ryn’s ear – that is until she uses the word “soldier” and then the conversation is over.

When Ryn hears of Ben in jail and sees Maddie crying she decides to make contact with Nicole to find out more. Nicole tells her that the study won’t hurt like it did with Donna and that she would be helping the people she loves. Ryn agrees to help the soldiers if they help to get the charges dropped on Ben, Calvin, Xander and Chris and Nicole comes through on that. When Ben hears that the case was closed on direct orders from the US military he knows something is off – they all do. Ben brings up the idea that with this all happening so fast that the military has to have been around watching them all for a while and Xander starts to piece things together a bit in his head about Nicole mysteriously appearing out of no where and cozying up to him.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We understand that Ryn is still new to this world and that she’s going to have tumbles here and there, but it has also been established that she tells Ben and Maddie everything – like everything! She trusts them and if there’s something she doesn’t know for sure she always goes to them.

So now we have a situation where Ryn has met another human (Nicole), one time and is trusting what she says without talking to the two humans she has spent pretty much every hour of her on land life with? Yes, Nicole told her to keep it a secret, but there was no “or else” type ultimatum attached to it, so we are having an impossible time believing that Ryn wouldn’t have spoken to Maddie about the offer. As much as we love this show (and we really do love this show, it’s fun, smart and funny!), this storyline isn’t consistent to everything else they’ve set up for this character. Ryn would absolutely sacrifice herself for Maddie and Ben, but she wouldn’t not come to them with this offer to talk about why it’s a good idea and why she wants to do it.

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