Siren season 2 episode 6 review: Can Ryn and Katrina work together?

SirenMaddie and Ryn are in some seriously hot water on Siren season 2 and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all plays out. Maddie went to get her mother’s wedding ring back from Glen (a man who was supplying her mother with drugs), but when things turned violent, Ryn came in and broke the man’s neck. Now they are left in a situation where they have a dead body to deal with and Maddie’s mother sitting in the car waiting for them.

Ryn’s decision affects all

So how are Ryn and Maddie going to handle this dead drug dealer? They bring in Maddie’s mom and tell her that they found him like this, so she suggests that they call in her dad since he will know what to do. Of course he comes over right away and once he sees Ryn there he starts to put things together (he is a cop after all!). After sending Maddie and her mom home he takes a ride with Ryn to get the whole story and she admits to him that she killed Glen because he was going to hurt Maddie – something that her father is very thankful for. He explains to her that she can’t kill people (something we know she is aware of already), but more so that he thinks she is there to help these two worlds come together in a peaceful way so she needs to lead by example. Because of his love for Maddie (and appreciation for Ryn saving his daughter’s life) he decides to stage the drug dealers death as an accident.

Where is Levi!!!???

On the other side of town, Levi is missing and Ben’s home looks like someone thought there were SuperSonic¬†cheeseburgers and cherry cokes hidden in there (some people might trash a place for diamonds – we would for burgers and a cherry coke). Did Katrina take Levi to hand him over to Xander?

Katrina and Cami (Donna’s daughter) lock Xander up on his boat promising Cami that she can kill Xander later for his part in her mother’s death, the catch is that Xander is locked up in a room with Levi. While Levi tries to apologize for killing Sean, Xander attacks him and after a struggle, Xander realizes that he doesn’t have it in him to end someone’s life – even Levi. Once they start talking, Levi tells Xander that he only did what he did because Katrina told him to, but it’s not really an explanation he cares to hear.

Xander realizes that he still has his phone on him and calls Ben to tell him where he is and what happened. Ben is able to get to the boat and save both Xander and Levi, but that snoopy Nicole was there and saw everything, including Cami who is clearly not all human. Later we saw Nicole watching old footage of Donna being tortured in the lab and confirms the connection between Donna and her daughter. This is not good.

Ben vs the oil company

Seems that Ben is the only one that thinks there’s a problem with the oil company disrupting the ocean and killing sea life, because his dad, mom and brother are all on board with working with the oil company to build a pipeline. When Ben confronts them they say it’s because this will create jobs for Bristol Cove and put their town on the map.

Ben shares everything he’s learned with Maddie and suggests that now is the time to make a big statement in an attempt to shine a spotlight on what’s happening before it happens so that maybe they can stop it. After Ryn broke the law to save Maddie’s life, she’s ready to do the same as they figure out how to make a big splash – but they know they will need help.

Has Helen found love?

Helen has had quite an eventful season so far! She found a relative of hers and he has a sister too that she hasn’t met (she basically disowned him for not being able to get a handle on his addiction issues).

She has also started to fall for Sarge and it seems that he is becoming attached to her too when he shows up at her house saying that he wants to be where she is.¬†If you’re not shipping Helen and Sarge then this episode may have brought you on board with the rest of us, because they are beyond cute together and seeing how flustered she gets around him is a nice change considering how strong and in control she is all the time.

So is he really interested in her or is something else going on?

With Katrina rounding up all the sirens to follow her (whether they want to or not), Sarge goes back to Katrina to feed her false information, saying that Ryn is weak and where to find her. When Katrina and Cami show up, Ryn and her entire pack (including Ben, Helen, Xander and Maddie) all show up to find common ground. What is the common thread between everyone? They all want the water to be safe for the sirens to go home and they all need to come together to make that happen if they want to stop the pipeline.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Katrina has been such a wild card this season and hates Ryn so much for taking control of the pack that while she has agreed for now to work with her to get everyone back in the ocean, we suspect that once that is secured that a huge battle will happen between these two. As much as we would like to say that working together could turn Katrina around, she’s just so resistant to change and to humans that no matter how much they have already helped her, she just doesn’t care. We don’t think this storyline is over yet!

What did you think of Siren season 2 episode 6 and do you think that Ryn and Katrina can work together? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts on the season so far. (Photo: Freeform)

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