Gotham season 5 episode 2 review: Did Bruce cure Selina Kyle?

GothamEntering Gotham season 5 episode 2, it was clear that Selina Kyle was in pretty dire straits. How else would you describe the situation that she was in at the moment? She just tried to take her own life and unless Bruce did something, this was the way in which her story would end.

These were desperate times and of course, with that, of course, comes desperate measures. We saw that happen with Bruce paying a visit to the “witch,” who was really just Ivy. She was able to offer Selina a solution that she could ingest, one that would make her better but also ensure that she was never quite the same.

This led to Bruce being forced to make a pretty dire decision — should he risk Selina’s life to save her, but even if he did, was that really going to be better than the other outcome? Would she become a darker, more sinister version of himself?

Here’s the thing about Bruce, though — he is always going to try to always take the high road and do what he can to help someone he cares about. He wanted Selina to be okay and was willing to take the risk — also, she encouraged him to do just that. Her body went into shock at first, but on the other side of that she recovered.

Well, here’s the twist: She is definitely different than before. This may be the birth of the show’s actual Catwoman, not that Bruce quite realizes it just yet. That does make for an excellent and compelling cliffhanger, one that sets the stage for some exciting stuff coming up down the road.

Gordon and Barbara team up

This is not your normal collaboration in Gotham season 5, but the two do have some shared goals: Neither wants to see Gotham completely destroyed but beyond that, they also have a mutual hatred for the Penguin. The two of them were responsible in part for a mission that brought people to Haven, a safe community within Gotham and a place where families can feel a little better about their prospects. We don’t think Barbara cares as much about that as she does killing Oswald, but it’s a good unintended result of her efforts, if nothing else.

Also, Barbara and Gordon had to be a part of one of the show’s most-violent sequences tonight. It was eventful, but at the same time, it was pretty awesome to behold.

CarterMatt Verdict

What we had tonight was, as a whole, one of the most compelling, action-packed Gotham stories in a while — and it also pushed the story forward. One of the most important things about it was that it managed to give us a lot of great, weighty material featuring Bruce and Selina, especially since we know how important their relationship is to the comics and just about everything else down the road.

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