Luther season 6: The new Alice Morgan debate after finale shocker

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Now that the Luther season 5 finale is a thing of the past, it feels like the time is right to start to look ahead. Also, there’s a lot to potentially look ahead to! (Warning: Spoilers ahead if you’re behind on the series.)

Let’s start things off in this article, though, with a reminder that, at least for the time being, there is no formal renewal for season 6. We just have a hard time thinking that we’ve reached the end of the series now. We don’t exactly think that Luther is the sort of series where we’re going to get a super-happy ending at the end of it, but at the same time, we definitely do think that there should be an element of redemption. Seeing Luther suffer and close out the series in prison doesn’t feel like a satisfying ending.

Beyond Luther’s arrest, the #1 question that we do find ourselves wondering is simply this: Is Alice Morgan gone? Have we actually seen this character breathe her last breath? If we are take the closing minutes of the finale at face value, then it seems clear that Ruth Wilson is done with this show. Yet, you can never really say that with certainty with this show since, for one reason or another, she is the woman who just won’t die. We thought she could be dead before and, lo and behold, she found her way back.

Yet, this time feels different — and this time feels like it should be different. We think that the power of Wilson’s performance and the charisma of this character has, at least in the past, led to glamorization of her. In the process of that, though, it was easy to forget that this woman remains a vicious killer. She’s not a good person and is someone capable of some truly-terrible things. That got a little lost in the shuffle in the time she wasn’t around. We feel like season 5 was a reminder of what she’s really capable of and that likability with someone like her can be an illusion. When you live the way that Alice Morgan does, you are in so many ways living to die.

While you can say that Alice and Luther are two sides of the same coin, we’re not sure that Luther can afford to have that other side surface again. For his sake, it may be better if Alice now stays buried. Of course, whether or not creator Neil Cross feels that way remains to be seen. We wouldn’t be shocked if we can get some more news on the series’ future at some point in 2020 — it’s going to be a little while, at least.

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