CarterMatt Awards 2018: Shadowhunters’ Malec wins Best Couple!

Best CoupleWelcome to another edition of our CarterMatt Awards results for 2018! The focus this time around is on the category of Best Couple, which is defined in one very-simple way: The nominees for this award are some of the best TV relationships that the medium has to offer. These are people we root for to either take the next step or continue along the relationship in the rather great way that we’ve see to date.

So who is following up Kensi and Deeks of NCIS: Los Angeles with the title this year? As the title indicates, it is none other than Malec from Shadowhunters.

The victory for Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood here was fairly decisive — they received in total 49% of the total vote, an impressive number given that they almost got more votes than the other seven nominees combined. They were able to easily thwart Jamie and Claire of Outlander, who were in second place with around 17%. It’s also worth recognizing Waverly and Nicole form Wynonna Earp, who also performed rather well this year. This typically is one of the more competitive categories of the year, largely because

As for why there was so much support through behind Malec this year, the reasoning should feel fairly obvious. This is one of television’s most-beloved couples and they’ve overcome a lot to be together — they come from different worlds and they’re almost constantly immersed in life-or-death situations. Yet, they’ve found a way to persevere through much of it while celebrating their differences. They’re showing that it’s okay to be vulnerable and okay to celebrate sometimes the smaller things in life. Some of the best scenes for these characters are when they are separate from some of the chaos and the Big Bads and just enjoying a little bit of time for themselves.

Given that there are still at least twelve more episodes of Shadowhunters coming in the new year, this does mark an opportunity to see this relationship blossom a little bit more. Beyond just that, this will also continue to make the two characters eligible for another prize in 2019 — we’ll see what happens when it comes to those nominations a good eleven or so months from now.

In closing, let’s send a massive congratulations out there to all fans of Shadowhunters and Malec. They’ve taken a great deal of inspiration from these two and we hope that they continue to have some heartfelt and captivating stories moving into the new year.

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What do you think about Shadowhunters’ Malec winning Best Couple at the CarterMatt Awards this year? Share now in the attached comments, and be on the lookout for some more results in the coming days.

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