Gotham season 5: Robin Lord Taylor talks fully-formed Penguin

Gotham - Oswald CobblepotWhile you may have to wait in order to see a fully-formed version of the Penguin on Gotham season 5, the fact that this character will be appearing is a cause for legitimate excitement. How could it not be? You’ve got the full evolution of this comic-book character and what’s probably going to be unfolding as a result of that is certainly exciting. You’ll get to see how this guy looks and acts years down the line, and also what some of his conflict with Batman could look like.

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For Robin Lord Taylor, being able to take on this version of the character is a chance to fully realize the dream that first came with the casting. Everything that we’ve seen so far has been to make sure that the Batman-era Penguin makes sense, and it’s going to be incredibly fun to see this man in action — even if it is for a brief period of time at the end of the season.

Speaking via Showbiz Junkies, here is what the actor had to say about the full-fledged Penguin, and the information that got out there about him earlier this year:

I wasn’t going to spoil it, but our showrunner did. Yeah, you will see our version of the traditional Penguin from the comic books in the last episode. All of the components will be there. It will be fully realized. I’m so excited because it almost makes…it legitimizes him in a certain way. It’s like now I really do feel like I am the third Penguin. Like, I followed Burgess Meredith and Danny DeVito. Like, what the f— is my life? Unbelievable! It’s amazing.”

Leading into this eventual appearance, there are certainly going to be a number of other things that are worthy of some buildup and discussion with this character. At the start of season 5 Gotham will be in disarray, and he’s going to have to find a way to make a home for himself amidst the chaos. While the Penguin is hardly a benevolent character, he’s also one who does want an empire to rule. Having Gotham in tatters isn’t necessarily the best for him — what’s the point of having power if you have no one to rule? It’s an interesting struggle of trying to build the world up but also be in conflict with the GCPD and some of the other good-guy characters on the show.

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When it comes to Gotham season 5 and the idea of seeing more of a fully-fledged Penguin, what excites you the most? Share some of your thoughts now in the attached comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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