Vikings season 5 episode 15 video: The battle kicks off; a ratings update

Vikings season 6 renewalJust in case you were wanting to see an epic episode of Vikingsit feels as though season 5 episode 15 may be bringing you that and then some. “Hell” has all the makings of being one of the show’s most-exciting episodes, and beyond all else, one of the most violent.

At the center of everything that you are going to see coming up is a battle between the Vikings and the Saxons, one that has been brewing for a reasonable amount of time and also one that involves a number of key figures. We don’t think that we really need to warn you at this point that there could be a body count on the other side of this — we’re talking about a show in Vikings where there is almost always a body count. If everyone makes it through this battle alive, it’ll be a miracle.

(Personally, we’re still reeling from the death in this past episode. Though, apparently, Heahmund is doing his best to stake a claim for the new resident person with visions on this show.)

How is Vikings performing in the ratings?

In addition to sharing the latest preview, it does feel like now is a pretty good time to touch on this further when it comes to the show’s performance over on History. We do remain curious about the ratings, especially since nothing is altogether confirmed in terms of the future. (It’s been confirmed already that there is going to be a season 6, but almost everything beyond that is currently up in the air.)

This past episode of the show ended up generating a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic, which is on the lower end of how we’ve seen the show perform in the live numbers this season. Yet, we cannot exactly say that we’re altogether surprised about that, either. Shows tend to decline every year, especially ones that are as far in their run as this one is. It’s hard to acquire new viewers so, for the most part, you are relying mostly on some of the people who are already on board to keep watching. Vikings does still have a loyal audience, though, and you also must remember that the majority of people watching this show are not necessarily doing it live.

We’re especially curious to see how some of the upcoming episodes of Vikings fare this season, especially since we’re looking towards a future in which there are installments airing so close to the holidays. That is, after all, a hard time for live viewership!

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What do you want to see in regards to Vikings season 5 episode 15? Be sure to share some of your thoughts and expectations right now in the comments. (Photo: History.)

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