Survivor season 38 premiere date, what we want to see

Survivor season 36Following tonight’s finale, do you want to know the Survivor season 38 premiere date over at CBS? Well, we’ve got news on that and some of the things that we do want to see coming up!

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Let’s kick things off here with the start date for the newest batch of episodes — season 38 is going to be coming up on Wednesday, February 20 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. Because of there being no Winter Olympics next year, the show doesn’t need to have a later premiere date. That’s a benefit to the show, given that there are less episodes that need to be doubled-up or rushed. Also, that means that we only have to wait a couple of months in order to learn more about what lies ahead!

While it’s likely that the theme for the next season is going to be revealed at the live reunion show tonight, let’s go ahead and make it clear what we’d like to see as the series continues to move forward.

A return to the three-tribe format from the start – While we understand the logistical reasons for 20 players (mostly in that it gives the show insurance if someone quits or is injured), we personally like 18 better since it offers up more time to get to know everyone individually.

No tribe theme – While this season worked really well in terms of David vs. Goliath, it would be nice to see people from all walks of life mixed together from the very start.

A new way of hiding idols – Given that players seemed to have figured out what to look for with idols, maybe we suggest the show trying to find more ways to put them out there? Maybe hide more at challenges again, bury some, or at the very least add some wrinkle to how they can be located.

Announce a big twist in advance – What we didn’t like about the idol nullifier is that Dan couldn’t prepare for it since he didn’t know it was out there. We like twists, but something this dramatic should be something that players know about in advance.

Continue with the great editing – This is actually us just pouring on some praise, as the editing this season has been fairly top-notch and we’ve enjoyed not really knowing who was going to go home for at least some episodes. As a cynical viewer, that has been rather nice.

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What do you want to see on Survivor season 38? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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