Bull season 3 premiere review: Why is Cable leaving?

Bull season 2 episode 7

Tonight, the Bull season 3 premiere brought you a number of surprises within the first fifteen minutes, including a big one on Cable.

We knew entering the premiere that Annabelle Attanasio’s character was going to be leaving the show, but there was still other question worth wondering: Why? How did the writers choose to remove that particular character from the equation? From the jump, the character’s absence was strange to the members of the TAC, who tried their best in order to find her. Unfortunately, it was to no avail. The TAC tried to find her, and even Danny at one point visited her apartment in hopes of trying to get a little bit more information.

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As for another surprise, Marissa was married! That, apparently, was something that unfolded while Bull was in Arizona recovering from his heart attack. She reconnected with a former flame and all of a sudden, she is living a much happier life … but one that means she is not going to be able to work around the clock for Bull anymore. Boundaries! They’re more of a thing now. Bull did admit that he was jealous of Marissa’s new marriage — not necessarily because he loved her romantically, but because he faced a different dynamic at work.

Let’s get now to the case at the heart of the episode, as Bull had to force TAC into taking on a difficult case, one where he represented an insurance company who was basically trying to screw a dying woman out of a liver. He was out to make the company some money and fill its coffers; after all, this was a business.

The big challenge for this episode was watching the team ultimately have to do something that is rather unlikable — try to champion people who nobody in America ever wants to root for. Right when Bull was floundering in the case, that was when the bad news came out able Cable: She was dead, and she would not be coming back to the team in the near future. She was in a bridge collapse referenced at the start of the episode, and Chunk had to break the news.

Despite it looking like he was going to lose the case for most of the hour, Bull did win, and he absolutely did not feel good about it. It was enough to make him walk away from the insurance company, and then offer the dying plaintiff the money that he won in the case. He did become a hero once again!

CarterMatt Verdict

We’re going to miss Cable, especially seeing the way in which which she left. Yet, we are rather happy that Bull turned himself around and realized that money wasn’t everything. Still, it’s interesting that losing Cable was what caused him to realize this rather than him almost losing his own life.

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