The Good Cop episode 9 review: Tony and TJ buy a restaurant

The Good Cop episode 3On The Good Cop episode 9, there were a number of different things that we got a chance to know — including some things that we could have assumed. As it turns out, TJ and Tony are terrible restaurant owners.

Much as we’ve seen with many other episodes this season, Tony gets himself mixed up into some scheme and TJ is forced to figure out a way in which to get him out of it. Here, we saw that in the form of a landmark restaurant that Tony convinced his son to work with him on, including securing a massive loan for the place. The main reason that this entire sale came about was because of a violent crime that took place there, one in which a busboy was murdered in what was made to look like a robbery. What was going on instead was that a hedge-fund guy was using the restaurant and its prestigious Frank Sinatra table as a set-up in order to ensure that he could get sweet deals on various tips from New York bigwigs. He had a secret mic planted nearby and the busboy found it. There were many conspiracies within this episode, including one involving a victim who though that a nearby dog was controlling the weather. (Honestly, this episode didn’t really need most of this.)

Eventually, TJ and Tony figured out what was really going on here — Tony actually figured it out first, but for a little while, he was hesitant to actually admit to anything and even went to confessional first for advice. He loved the restaurant despite its already-rampant health code violations and other problems that he was trying to bury; he knew that the hedge-fund guy had the money to keep it open, but the problem was that he was also a killer. It’s kind of hard to stay in business with a killer.

In the end, we imagine that there are some other businesses that Tony and TJ can try out — but we imagine they need to be a little more low-rent than what we saw here.

CarterMatt Verdict

There were a number of great moments in episode 9, including Tony at the confession and then him trying to fabricate the amount of damage to the bar after a shootout near the end. While we’re amazed at how much these characters can get themselves into in a particular episode, we also are well aware that The Good Cop is meant to be outlandish and over the top. If you’re trying to watch it with plausibility as a priority, there’s a pretty good chance that you are doing it wrong.

The thing we’re the saddest about now is that, in the end, there is only one episode left for the season as a whole.

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