Supergirl season 3 finale: Who could end up leaving?

Supergirl season 3 episode 13The Supergirl season 3 finale is coming your way on The CW Monday night, and now does feel like the right time to start posing some very important questions regarding the series … including potentially, who could be departing at the end of it.

Based on many of the teases that have seen over the past couple of months, this is going to be a game-changing final episode of the spring. With that in mind, it’s fair to assume that there are some important changes that are coming about. We’ve enclosed below the five characters we’re the most worried about in terms of them either leaving or being killed off over the course of the hour.

Winn – Given that Jeremy Jordan is going to be downgraded to recurring for the upcoming season, it’s fair to think that something happens in the finale that causes him to depart. Yet, it does seem like he has some sort of role in season 4 so we can’t just assume that he is going to be killed off. That feels unlikely.

J’onn – We already feel pretty certain that his father M’yrnn is facing the end; could J’onn also depart in some way or another? We’re a little bit worried just because he is the sort to sacrifice himself so that Kara and others on Earth could live. The thing that we’re the most bummed-out about is how the budget really keeps us from seeing much of J’onn in Green Martian form.

Sam / Reign – Is it possible that we’re going to see one of the two survive the finale? Maybe, and if so we do hope that Sam sticks around for at least guest appearances, if not more, in season 4. We had always assumed that this was a one-season gig, but with Odette Annable proving to be so popular, anything is possible moving forward.

Mon-El – Will he venture back to the future at the end of the finale? It definitely feels like that possibility is there, but with Brainiac-5 set to be a major part of season 4 it does not necessarily feel like too many of these characters are in a hurry to venture back to a different timeline. Also, the story is definitely setting things up so that there’s more story to address between him and Kara.

Imra – We feel probably the most confident that she is leaving, mostly because she doesn’t have any reason to stick around in this timeline unless somehow Mon-El stays and she really wants to be there. It’s a shame we didn’t get a chance to see more of Saturn Girl’s powers explored on the show, but we recognize that there really is only so much time.

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