Siren season 2 premiere review: More mermaids, more trouble

Siren season 2It has been a while since we’ve had new episodes of Siren and after the way they left the first season we have been nursing a lot of heartbreak. Ben and Maddie are taking time apart, Donna died, Decker committed suicide and Ryn feels that she is bad for Ben after her siren song made him almost kill himself so she’s decided to go and stay with Helen to start her new life on land. It was a serious pounding on our heart. Now the Siren season 2 premiere is here and we are ready to see how things are in Bristol Cove.

The trouble with Xander

Xander has been dealing with a lot of guilt over the death of Donna and has finally apologized to Ryn for what happened. She brings him to Donna’s grave and Ryn tries to tell him that there’s only one way to go from here and it’s always forward. His spirits start to pick up when he runs into a beautiful, mysterious woman named Nicole who has taken an interest in him, however things are not as they seem since she seems to be using him to get information about Decker.

How have Ben, Maddie and Ryn been coping?

Ben is dealing with things in a really reckless way including such activities as mountain climbing alone and taking a long fall. He can’t get Ryn’s song out of his head, but he’s trying everything he can to push back at it.

We were hoping that Ben and Maddie found a way back to each other during this time, unfortunately that didn’t pan out and in fact they are working different shifts at the marina. Maddie’s mom is also in town and after a struggle for many years with addiction is claiming she’s clean. Definitely not a great time in Maddie’s life to be showing up. Also her dad has lost his badge after everything that happened last season, but she doesn’t know it yet.

Ryn is working with Helen at the store and keeping herself busy learning more about humans like what money is and how to deal with rude customers.

The effects of the siren song

Decker’s death last season wasn’t the last time his presence is going to be felt on the show as we’ve seen with Nicole snooping around Xander. Dale learned that Decker’s death was cause by some sort of brain damage which we know was caused by Donna’s siren song and we are immediately worried for Ben since the lasting effects of Ryn’s song on him have been going on for over a month now. After learning about this Maddie tries to share this with Ben but he just isn’t hearing her. What’s it going to take to make him listen? More so, is there really anything he can do? Ryn didn’t even really realize what her siren song does to people so she may not know how to help reverse it.

What’s happening in the ocean?

Ryn starts to get a strong feeling that something is amiss in the ocean and when some of the sea life stops eating and some even wash up dead on the shore, it reunites Ben, Maddie and Ryn together for the first time in a while. Ryn decides to go back into the ocean and with Ben and Maddie’s help they want to find out what’s causing this disturbance.

When she goes into the ocean she sees another siren dead before an overwhelming noise and disturbance knocks her back and starts tossing her around in circles. Before she is able to make it back to shore, Ben and Maddie see another boat near by where all of this is happening. Are our old friends back and trolling for sirens again? Turns out it’s an oil company using sound waves as they mine the ocean floor looking for a place to drill causing chaos to all of the ocean life.

Ryn returns to the shore, but this time looks like she brought back the siren who killed Xander’s father and he’s not the only one in Bristol Cove. Helen wakes up to find 5 sirens standing in her living room (including Donna’s daughter!). When Ryn, Ben and Maddie arrive at Helen’s place Ryn agrees to help them, but the one siren who was the original leader of their pack (and had to submit to Ryn last season) is still struggling with losing her power – she’s going to be trouble we feel.

Texting and driving

This may seem like a throw away moment on the show, but we saw a brief case where Dale went to the pathologist to talk about Decker and there was another person there who had died from texting and driving making this is the second time that Siren has brought this issue to the forefront. In season 1, we saw Ben pull the car over to the side of the road before using his cell phone. Clearly, this is an important message to the team behind this show and we just wanted to take a moment to highlight it.

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CarterMatt Verdict

What worked well for Siren season 1 was that we had a nice small cast and two main mermaids that we focused on, but for season 2 we have a ton of mermaids on shore. We aren’t sold yet that more is better, but we are excited to see how it will all play out. For us this show is at it’s best when Ben, Maddie and Ryn are together, and with all of the mermaids on land we hope to see these three reunited and working through their issues.

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