Ink Master season 10 finale: Ranking the final three

Ink Master season 10 finaleWe’ve just about made it to the end of the road, as the Ink Master season 10 finale is going to be hopefully every bit as intense as we could hope. We’ve got three contestants coming up in Roly T-Rex, Josh Payne, and Juan Salgado who are ready to deliver some of the best art that they have to date. Beyond just that, we’re also hoping to see a great showdown between Anthony Michaels, DJ Tambe, and Steve Tefft as the three battle to prove who is the strongest overall coach.

For the time being, though, we’re planning to keep the focus on the contestants themselves. The showdown between the coaches could be fun, but in the end, that feels like a total crapshoot when you’ve got three really great artists all battling against each other without an edit or other individual challenge performances to really look at every single week.

Here is where the top three stand this season, at least entering the finale, when you consider everything from tattoo quality to also their overall edit on the season.

3. Roly T-Rex – Roly seems like a really good dude and family man and from that vantage point alone, it’s easy to be psyched that he is a part of the finale. Yet, at the same time this is someone who hasn’t won anywhere near as many challenges as either Josh or Juan and hasn’t been the recipient of anywhere near as much praise. We do know that anything can happen in the finale, but he has the furthest to go — not only does he have to beat Josh and Juan, but it may have to be by such a convincing margin that he can say it compensates for some of his weaker tattoos this season.

2. Josh Payne – In terms of sheer dominance we’re not sure that anyone actually comes close at this point to the sheer quality of work that Josh brought to the table. He was confident, creative, and really took on almost every extremely-difficult tattoo that was handed to him. He’s got a good story of perseverance, but the one thing we wonder is if his arrogant-at-times edit is setting him up for a fall. It could be, but in the process of his journey this season we’ve also seen some moments of actual vulnerability here that prove that he’s more than mere bluster.

1. Juan Salgado – In terms of quality, Juan is right up there with Josh this season — yet, what we would say that makes Juan stand out here is that he’s just so easily likable and distinct. He’s got the story on his side coming from Puerto Rico and he’s who we think the majority of the Ink Master audience out there probably wants to see win entering the finale. we do like to think that this goes a long way. With that being said, though, Juan still does have to deliver!

Who do you want to see declared the winner of Ink Master season 10? Who have you enjoyed the most this season? Be sure to share right now in the comments!

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