The Blacklist season 5 finale: Top 3 characters we are most worried about

The Blacklist logo any seasonAs we start to inch closer to The Blacklist season 5 finale on NBC, there are many different questions that we have. The status of the bones and the duffel bag is an obvious one, given that the contents of this could be the very thing that completely alters the series as we know it.

Yet, we don’t exactly think that the contents of this said bag and the identity of the bones are going to put either Liz or Reddington in mortal danger on this show. After all, these are the characters who are the forefront of the series. It’s hard to imagine the story moving forward without the two of them around.

Is it possible that someone else gets caught in the crosshairs as we prepare for a showdown with Ian Garvey? We do think that, especially given that the more reckless we start to see Reddington get in his pursuit for the bones, the more danger could start to surround everyone else on the show. Here are just some of the people we’re worried could be caught in the crosshairs by the season’s end.

Jennifer Reddington – We’re just starting to see this character emerge from seasons’ worth of mystery. Given that she does have ties to both Garvey and also Reddington, isn’t it very well possible that she could find herself threatened or in danger? If something was to happen to her, that is something James Spader’s character would have to wrestle with. He’s spent so much time transfixed on one apparent daughter in Liz that he could cause harm to his other daughter along the way.

Dembe – There’s a good chance that we’re going to be worried about Dembe until, effectively, the end of the show. If someone wants to harm Reddington without killing him, why not go after his #2? We’re very much concerned that someone could either try to kill him or take him away from his partner-in-crime before we get to the end of the team.

Cooper – Our thought process regarding Harold is pretty similar — if a Blacklister near the end of this season starters to feel threatened by the Task Force, or someone else wants to devastate the group and leave them scrambling, what stronger way to do it than taking out their leader? We’re worried about Cooper entering the finale just because we’re at that point in the series’ run where shocking things have a tendency to happen. We’ve already lost Tom this season and it wouldn’t be a huge shock if someone within the Task Force were to go, as well.

Who are you the most worried about entering The Blacklist season 5 finale? Be sure to share in the comments below!

(Photo: NBC.)

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