The Durrells season 3 episode 3 review: An accidental shooting; donkeys in need

DurrellsWhile we do think that The Durrells is by and large a pretty lighthearted show, there are moments of devastation that pop up here and there. Seeing Gerry trying to help an abused donkey was one of those moments. While we know that it was fictional it still was pretty terrible to watch this donkey seemingly getting whipped. Gerry swooped in to save the day, but did he really have the capacity to be able to care for this animal?

The problem was that this donkey may have a a broken leg, and if that was the case, there may have only been so much he could do. Luckily, that was not the case and with that in mind, the animal would get better. There was some hope for the donkey yet. It could be taken to a more caring owner and with that, have another shot at life (hopefully a much better one).

Elsewhere in this episode, Larry found himself forced to juggle a wide range of different responsibilities when it comes to Aunt Hermoine’s funeral — or at least so we thought. While he took off to London, what we ended up seeing instead was Louisa taking on most of this while Larry found himself in increasingly-bizarre situations. While we understand that taking care of what happened to Hermoine is important, these stories weren’t as exciting to us as what was going on with some of the others in Corfu. What makes The Durrells so exciting in the first place is the setting, and seeing so many different unique people moving about in that world.

With that, let’s move forward to the other major story featuring Leslie, who in the absence of Larry and Louisa, took it upon himself to be a local policeman. This did not go well, especially when it comes to him accidentally shooting Zoltan. This, in turn, infuriated Margo … and of course Zoltan, which really shouldn’t come as much of a shock.

Ultimately, though, Leslie ended up being at least as absolved for some of these actions as someone like him could be. To be specific, he was told that everyone makes mistakes (but this many?) and some of his issues of the past could only make him better at his job in the present. Somehow, Leslie shooting Zoltan still hasn’t ruined his relationship with Margo and those two could have a future.

CarterMatt Verdict

The best part of the entire episode probably was near the very end, watching the entire clan trying to clean up the home after learning that Louisa and Larry were making their way back. We appreciate The Durrells more when it’s light and funny; tonight’s episode brought us plenty of that while also exploring compassion, family dynamics, and even cooperation between different groups of people.

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