The Durrells season 3 premiere review: The tale of Leslie’s three girlfriends

Durrells season 3 episode 2With The Durrells season 3 premiere on TV Sunday night there were many surprising events that you had a chance to see — including one of the more awkward romantic situations that we’ve had a chance to see in some time.

Basically, Leslie found himself in a tricky spot of his own doing tonight, one where he had to ultimately decide between many different women — ones that did not know about the existence of the other. Louisa took it upon herself to try to figure out who was the right woman for him. Ultimately, though, this episode proved to be a tough lesson for Leslie — don’t date three women at the same time. He ended up with nobody just because none of them really appreciated being put in this sort of position … and really understandably so given that nobody wants to feel as though they are this sort of position where they are not being chosen or cared for.

Meanwhile, what everyone else in the family had to realize in turn was really quite simple: Meddling in the lives of others really did not get anyone anywhere. Maybe Leslie wouldn’t be so hurt right now if Louisa chose not to get involved — or, maybe this would have just been kicked down the curb. Either way there would be a different outcome.

Was there a way to turn this around? That’s something that Leslie had to figure out after he was told to go find the woman he loves the most and make the choice — that was the only hope that he had. We think he’s got a chance to figure this out long-term. The entire family has some more serious decisions to make moving forward, but for now the episode wrapped up with a lovely (and vegetarian!) family dinner.

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Funniest moment of the night

Apparently, soap sculpting is Margo’s new hobby and her creation tonight was interesting, to say the least. We almost want this to be a part of the rest of the season where every week there’s some other strange sculptures that be a part of the series.

CarterMatt Verdict

Is The Durrells essential live viewing? That’s probably a matter of debate. This is a fairly lighthearted show and with that, you don’t necessarily have to watch it immediately to enjoy it. With that said, it’s wonderful entertainment that we miss when it’s gone. There are relatable life lessons and beyond that, some of the best geography and animals that you can see anywhere on television.

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