Big Brother Canada 6 pre-game interview: Meet Erica Hill

Erica HillWelcome to our Big Brother Canada 6 pre-game interview series! We recently had a chance to speak with the houseguests leading up to the start of this new season, premiering on Global on March 7, as we’ve done years in the past. The goal this year was to find out a little bit about these players strategically, but also a little more about them as people. We want to know why they’re going to be interesting personalities to watch over the coming months and where they are coming from.

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In this article, the focus is on Erica Hill, a woman who apparently knew that she could win the show from the moment that she first watched it. She’s confident, but is that confidence actually going to translate?

Take a look at the pre-game interview below.

CarterMatt – Tell me about yourself — your name, your age, and where you’re from.

Erica Hill – My name is Erica, I am 23 years old and I’m from Pickering, Ontario.

What do you do for a living?

I’m currently a server at a restaurant.

What made you want to be on Big Brother Canada this season?

First of all, it was just that I watch the show and I knew the first time I watched it that I could win 100%. Beyond that, it was just the idea that the show really shows how people are willing to really push themselves physically and mentally to achieve what they want. That’s what I’m trying to strive for myself.

What’s your strategy for winning this season?

I’m definitely playing a social game. That is definitely where the emphasis will lie. As far as the rest of my strategy, I don’t know if I am going to be able to really know until I see who some of the other houseguests are. You’ll have to watch and see.

Who are you most like from past Big Brother seasons, US or Canada?

This is honestly the hardest question to be asked because I don’t think that anyone has honestly played the game kind of in the way that I plan on playing it and I don’t think that there is someone who really represents someone like me. I don’t think there is really anyone who has played like me before.

What’s the one part of your life at home you’re going to miss the most in the game?

Besides my girlfriend, I think I’m just going to miss my routine and some of my day-to-day activities that I have.

Who is your biggest idol in life and why?

My mom, 100%. She is the baddest b*tch alive. If I can be half the woman she is, I’ll be 100% set.

How are you going to keep live feed viewers at home entertained?

I have a very big personality, almost so big that it can probably be irritating sometimes. I can also definitely bring a ton of fun and positivity to any environment. Even on the live feeds, I think it will be an entertaining situation.

Besides the money, what are you hoping to get out of this season?

I’m hoping to grow. There is a lot of personal growth that comes with being a part of something like this, being able to push yourself and see how far you can go. I’m just excited to try to make myself proud in the end.

First Impressions

Erica was one of the quieter houseguests this season but we get the sense that she’ll be competitive; yet, we don’t think that she’s really going into the game with the strategic mindset needed. She’s a little bit too intent on standing out and maybe not focused enough on finding the right strategic avenues to work.

What’s your take on Erica Hill?

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