Big Brother Canada 6 pre-game interview: Meet househusband Johnny Mulder

Johnny MulderWelcome to our Big Brother Canada 6 pre-game interview series! We recently had a chance to speak with the houseguests leading up to the start of this new season, premiering on Global on March 7, as we’ve done years in the past. The goal this year was to find out a little bit about these players strategically, but also a little more about them as people. We want to know why they’re going to be interesting personalities to watch over the coming months and where they are coming from.

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In this article, the focus is on Johnny Mulder, a very outgoing houseguest and quite possibly the biggest of all of the super-fans. This is someone who would’ve actually known Tim Dormer had he walked into the house! Johnny is one of the 14 contestants you’ll meet from the jump.

Take a look at the pre-game interview below.

CarterMatt – Tell me about yourself — your name, your age, and where you’re from.

Johnny Mulder – I’m originally from Vancouver, but I came here from Victoria since my partner and I are living there for a while he’s finishing up his residency work. I’m a house-husband there! I do the cooking and cleaning and the providing of love that a household needs for the both of us.

What made you want to be on Big Brother Canada this season?

I am a ridiculous fan of the show — we’re going back to 2000, with Survivor coming out and the dawn of reality TV. I’ve been following everything live since then. I’ve been watching Big Brother UK, Celebrity Big Brother UK, Big Brother Australia, and of course Canada and the US. It’s absolutely ridiculous how much I’ve dreamt of this moment, being able to go in the house.

Are you a fan of the show?

What’s your strategy for winning this season?

I think if you go in there with a set strategy, it’s like putting in a square block into a circle hole. You need to be adaptable and it depends on the people I’m put in there with. I’m definitely going to be observing the second that I get in there. If I don’t get in the majority — which is a very real possibility, since I don’t mesh well with everybody — I’m going to go for power. Power equals connections in that game.

Who are you most like from past Big Brother seasons, US or Canada?

I don’t see myself as any one of them, and that’s probably because I have this idea of myself as this ‘totally unique individual’ and all that stuff. Maybe I have the sensibility of Mitch and the non-sensibility of Rachel Reilly.

What’s the one part of your life at home you’re going to miss the most in the game?

Being able to go outdoors and into nature. It’s a big part of my life. I’m happiest when I’m out there. It centers me and calms me. In moments when I’m frazzled there’s probably going to be a part of me that wishes I could just step outdoors.

Of course, besides from the obvious like friends, family, and everything else that everybody is probably answering this with.

Who is your biggest idol in life and why?

I’ve been asked that question a lot over my life and the answer is always myself. I look up to me. I feel like I can reason things the best I possibly can. I don’t expect everyone else to understand or reason things the way that I do, I want to love myself as happy as I do. I’m happy that I do. Non-answer!

How are you going to keep live feed viewers at home entertained?

I can sit in front of a mirror and entertain myself non-stop. I have the craziest imagination and I have so many trains of thoughts going at the same time. It’s going to be hard to subdue myself and think about myself like a normal human being. That’s what I’m worried about more than being entertaining. I think if I get into the whole ‘go go go’ mode, everyone will just be annoyed by it. I need to make sure that I’m not always doing things.

For all of the super-fans out there who are watching the feeds, those are the people I want to appeal to.

Besides the money, what are you hoping to get out of this season?

The Big Brother experience. Enough said. Even if I’m only in there for a short period of time I’m going to be soaking up every moment. It’s all magic to me.

First Impressions

There’s some promise here, but the biggest issue here may be a little too much introspection and not enough speaking of others. Take, for example, the Matthew McConaughey “my idol is myself” line. He’s extremely smart and super-perceptive; he could anticipate answers to some of these questions from other houseguests, which is really something that we haven’t had happen to us in the four years that we’ve been doing pre-game interviews.

What’s your take?

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