The Blacklist season 5 episode 14 video: Why Liz wants reinstatement

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe Blacklist season 5 episode 14 is going to be airing on NBC Wednesday night; judging from the latest preview we have now, there is certainly reason to be excited.

In this preview (which comes via the show’s Canadian broadcaster in City), one of the biggest things that becomes clear is just how intent Liz is going to be in order to get her job back. Dr. Fulton (Martha Plimpton) is one of the few people who can actually deliver to her what she wants, but trying to get her to do that is not going to be easy. She senses Liz’s drive for vengeance and understands that this may supersede for her every other emotion that she needs to feel out in the field.

Is Liz’s rage understandable? It’s hard to say without being in her position but her frustration is both clear and palpable. After all, she’s a widow who is struggling to stomach the fact that a dirty cop may be investigating the case. She is starting to understand that it may not be altogether possible for her to get the justice that she wants unless she finds a way to seek some of it out herself. This is a powerful struggle that could look to define almost the entirety of the upcoming episodes.

At some point, we do anticipate some of the other primary plot threads of season 5 to enter the picture, especially when it comes to the whole suitcase mystery. Yet, there is no reason to think that some of these threads are going to become altogether central to the story in the immediate future.

Beyond just this new preview

Below, there is also a video discussion of some of the headlines Megan Boone made on Friday, when she announced that she will no longer use an assault rifle at any point in the series. As we explain, this is an importance stance for her to take — yet, it’s not going to impact the show all that much. Don’t anticipate any sweeping changes in terms of how The Blacklist operates as a result of this.

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