What Good Behavior season 3 would look like for Letty and Javier

Letty and JavierAt the moment, there is still no indicator as to if we’ll get a Good Behavior season 3. Yet, there’s clearly a plan in place for more.

At the end of Sunday night’s season 2 finale (read our full review at CarterMatt here) we saw Letty and Javier get out of Dodge with Leo’s cocaine and retreat somewhere new — somewhere that has a lot of potential business for them. They’re now in Los Angeles, and it’s a big city and a brand new landscape for them to explore. We probably don’t have to spell out altogether why that’s exciting. These two characters are still the same characters and they have the same history; yet, this is almost a chance to start over. They’re never going to become completely different people, but maybe they’ll become different criminals.

The idea of this is something that show executive producer Chad Hodge discussed to Entertainment Weekly in the aftermath of the finale on Sunday night:

“Letty and Javier have obviously gotten themselves into a world of s— in the South, so they need to disappear …. I think it’s not just about “Let’s sell these drugs,” because of course you can sell drugs anywhere, but to disappear. And where do you go to disappear? A big city. The tone of the show we always refer to as poetic noir, and L.A. is where noir was born, so bringing them into L.A. and doing a modern L.A. noir — it’s not them in Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive and Letty having Pretty Woman shopping montages, although I’m sure there would be one. But the outskirts of L.A. and the dark, seedy [side] …. There’s an overarching story that I have planned for season 3 that I hope we get to do, but I thought it was time to put them in a different place. Because after all, they’re criminals, and criminals don’t stay in one place for too long.”

This all sounds exciting, gritty, and somewhat different from your standard Los Angeles based series — as it certainly should be given that this show has such a signature tone. It’s funny sometimes and serious when it needs to be, but it’s never shied away from struggle and from consequences. After all that’s happened and with Letty making her first kills, we’re not sure if she can pass herself off as the same person she did the first two seasons. It’s probably going to take something dark and gritty still to get her through to the other side.

What do you want to see for Letty and Javier next?

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