The X-Files season 11 is more prepared for the hype

X-Files season 11 spoilersWhen The X-Files season 11 premieres on Fox in the new year, you better be prepared for all sorts of action right away. The show’s own creator seems to have a great deal of confidence in it.

In speaking on the subject in a new interview with TVLine, Chris Carter had the following to say on the subject of the show’s polarizing tenth season, which started and concluded with mythology episodes entitled “My Struggle” that proved to be far more complicated than they really needed to be:

“We [relaunched] from a standing start after not having been on the air for 12 years — there was some reacquainting that had to be achieved … It was like old friends getting back together. We had to shake some of the stiffness out.”

Apparently, we’re going to get a season that hits the ground running and has more of its bearings — plus an understanding as to what some of its die-hard, super-loyal fans want to see over the course of the season. That’s great news for everyone who loves The X-Files and it makes us more than intrigued to see what sort of creativity the writers bring to the table. While we know that William’s status and the mythology there is important to the show, at the same exact time we don’t watch The X-Files just for the mythology of it. Instead, we watch for the opportunity to be wowed continuously by some of the creepy story-of-the-week plots. We want to laugh, to be moved, and to be surprised. There are few other shows out there on TV that do anything close to what The X-Files does save for maybe Supernatural. It’s the middle episodes that excite us more than either the premiere or the finale.

Remember as you prepare for The X-Files that the upcoming batch of episodes could very well be the last for the franchise. Even if the ratings for the show are great, there is still no guarantee that the entire cast and crew will be back together again. This is much more of a season-by-season thing than any other show out there.

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