Longmire season 7: Could it ever happen in some form?

Longmire season 6 photosIn today’s edition of our Longmire premiere week coverage, we’re talking a slightly different approach and looking ahead to Longmire season 7.

Is this something that actually could happen? What we know at the moment is this: It’s not something in the cards at Netflix. They’ve already announced and promoted the show as the final season. Maybe if the ratings come in and it somehow becomes the next Stranger Things they will change their minds … but it doesn’t quite seem like that’s going to happen. The show has an incredible and super-loyal following, but it also isn’t getting a ton of promotion from Netflix. It never really has in comparison to some of their ratings titans.

The future for Longmire is probably something a bit more non-traditional. It doesn’t feel as though the odds of a full season somewhere else are particularly high, mostly since the show already had one miracle in moving from A&E to Netflix. Also, with this being the final season eventually the cast is probably starting to look at other opportunities. Finding a home for the show to do another full-fledged season would be a challenge; beyond that, finding then a way for the entire cast to get back together for a few months at a time would also be tough.

The more likely scenario is that a Longmire season 7 would come down the road in the form of a movie. It’s something that star Robert Taylor and many of the show’s fans have discussed as a possibility, though doing something like this does have its fair share of other complications since you’ve got a lot of legal waters you have to wade through. You have to find either a broadcast / streaming partner or a distribution model, and then following that you, once again, have to get everyone back together.

We do think that a Longmire movie or two is a definite possibility, but probably won’t be something that happens right away. Let season 6 come out and let the story have some time to breathe. Then, see if the interest is there and try to find a way to make it happen. The entire Longmire cast and crew are a family, and as a result of that we do think that a reunion down the line is something that could very well happen. A great example to look at here is Psych, a show that took some time off before reconvening and doing a movie that is coming out a little later this year. We’d love to see Netflix do something similar, if they’re interested, and revisiting these characters a little bit down the line.

Do you want to see a Longmire season 7 in some form?

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