‘Shiptober: Will Scorpion season 4 keep Walter and Paige together?

Walter and PaigeMrs Carter: Will Scorpion season 4 prove to be fruitful for the Walter / Paige relationship, or serve to cause them more trouble?

We’re protective of the Waige relationship, and for good reason. Luckily the show is as well. We’ve had a chance to witness the entire journey of these two characters from the beginning — we’ve seen them come to care about each other, first as friends and colleagues and then as something more. The two are now in a committed relationship and one that we hope does stay stable for the rest of the series. The stakes with it are higher than most other TV relationships for two other reasons.

1. The professional relationship – Paige has shown herself to be essential as a member of the team. While she may not be a math genius or science whiz, she brings some street-smarts and a real-world perspective to many of the missions. They need her in order to be successful, and Walter especially needs her in order to ensure that he doesn’t completely sabotage some of his missions due to his lack of social skills.

2. Ralph – Paige’s son is already attached to Walter, and has been even before he was even dating Paige. Imagine how he will take it in the event the two split up? To quote Happy: Not good. We feel pretty confident about that.

So how can Walter and Paige work to ensure that they stay on solid ground together? We’ve got a couple of suggestions as we keep our CarterMatt ‘Shiptober series going.

One of the first steps here is open communication and making sure that they hear each other out. The last thing that you want to do is make someone feel like they’re not being heard and we do worry about that with Walter from time to time. At times, he uses his intelligence as a crutch for not being there socially when he knows he needs to be.

Meanwhile, Paige needs to keep working with him so that he doesn’t feel insecure and he understands some of what she needs. He’s on a different path in terms of his thought process and common sense is not always his friend. She knew that before she got into the relationship with him, and understands that he is the sort of person who probably does need reminders more often then not.

If these two characters can figure out some of these issues we do think that they’ll stay together. Scorpion is a happy show, and not just because you have a character named Happy — splitting up Walter and Paige at this point would bum out many of the fans who’ve been rooting for them for such a long time and there’s still so much great material to mine from the growing pains of their relationship.

What do you think could come next for Walter and Paige?

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