Bull season 2 episode 5 review: Did Bull win in Tribal Court?

Bull season 2 episode 5Pretty early on it was clear that Bull season 2 episode 5 is not going to be an ordinary episode of the show — then again, what constitutes an ordinary episode of this show?

This time around, the person Dr. Jason Bull chose to represent was Mac, a former college roommate of Dr. Bull’s who, as it turned out, took the fall for him in an operation in which they were both guilty of doing. This was a very messy case that had a lot of different layers, but the biggest problem that Bull faced here was that he found himself having to go into Tribal Court and this is a not a venue that he is all that familiar with. Just think for a moment about all of the different components that there were to this — different rules, regulations, and a trial system where “innocent until proven guilty” was not entirely a thing. The jurors were also volunteers, and this is something that tends to happen often on the reservation.

Another problem that Bull ran into was a fairly simple one, as over time Mac showed time and time again that he was not someone who was altogether easy to control. He paid for his bail, but even with that Bull learned that he was not all that interested in following some of the rules laid out for him. Basically, some of his attitude stemmed here from him feeling as though Bull still owed him something because of what happened in the past. Suffice it to say, Bull didn’t agree.

As the case moved along, Bull’s priority quickly turned towards him trying to figure out precisely what happened– Mac wasn’t making things easy on himself by bailing on court in addition to violating his rules for bail. Bull had to figure out a way to convince Mac to come back, while at the same time convicting the real guilty party and someone with an actual murder to commit the act. Somehow, he was able to bail Mac out, and the two maybe are truly even at this point.

Marissa’s romantic side

Who imagined that things would be so passionate between her and her new boyfriend, and that we’d actually see it on the show? This felt almost like a whirlwind high school romance. We almost expected something bad to happen to them this week.

CarterMatt Verdict

Bull season 2 episode 5 was a good character study for Bull as we started to see him wrestle with his own guilt of the past; also, it proved to be an interesting case and we enjoyed getting to see a different sort of trial than the standard one we’re used to in New York City.

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