Good Behavior season 2 episode 2 video: Why does Letty need $20,000?

Good Behavior season 2 episode 2When Good Behavior season 2 episode 2 airs on TNT Sunday night, you are going to have a chance to see another crisis. This one for Letty, however, is going to be different than most.

Let’s start by getting the obvious / unfortunate for her out of the way. Lety is going to need to engage in a little bit more thievery. Right when she starts to pretend/act like she is done with this business forever (even though we’ve always had doubts as to how much she actually believed in this), she is going to be diving back in. She and Javier didn’t think through the fact that her son would need to attend school and that costs money. Because of the specific school in which they want him to attend, this is going to cost a little bit more money than it would otherwise.

There’s no better way for Letty apparently to get the money she needs in the short amount of time that she has, so in her mind engaging in this is the only option. She insists that she won’t get caught and we believe her (for now), but the larger problem is that she finds herself potentially thrown into something larger on the other side of this that may not be that easy to escape.

Then again, we presume that Letty doing this is probably better than Javier taking on some job that requires him to kill someone. We’re not sure that comparing different crimes is the right way to go about judging morality, but that’s what this show is forcing us to do at the moment. Letty wants to establish normalcy, and in her mind right now the only way to do this is to engage in a little bit of criminal activity. She better hope she finds some other way of making money soon, given that it’s not like this is the only time they will have to fork over a ton of cash for educational purposes.

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