Will & Grace returns, Channing Tatum helps James Corden, Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen’s new goal

Will & GraceOn Thursday night, prime time will include four very well-known faces who already have made a splash on television. The return of Will & Grace has fans blocking out time to sit down and enjoy the NBC sitcom. Promises of the characters once again weigh in on social issues has viewers ready to see if these prominent characters have adapted to all that is happening in 2017. Even before the first episode hits the air, the excitement is brimming from the fans. Few, if many shows, have seen this much buzz when premiering in the fall season. Tonight we’ll hear back from the fans on social media and see how they liked the Will & Grace 2.0.

Channing Tatum teaches James Corden for Magic Mike Live

If you enjoy James Corden on late night TV, then you might be interested in hearing he’s auditioning for Magic Mike Live. While there is no sure bet in life, after the hilarious video released from the talk show, it’s pretty much a guarantee that Corden probably won’t be in the Live show. With a little help from Channing Tatum, James Corden offered up an attempt in making the cut for Magic Mike. The brief video is funny, sad and even a tad bit shocking. All in all, it’s good to see that James Corden already has the obligation of a successful talk show. He might not be able to make all the dates of the live show commitment.

Grey’s Anatomy season premiere

It’s hard to believe, but Grey’s Anatomy is offering up the 14th season to viewers tonight on ABC. This popular series has kept the stories fresh and the fans engaged as the different characters face serious drama year after year. Once again this series steps up to offer more unique moments that are always discussed around the water cooler. Yeah, I’m pretty excited about Grey’s Anatomy series premiere as I know they always keep it enticing!

Ellen’s new goal in life

Ellen DeGeneres has a new goal in life and she wants all the world to hear. Looking over Beyonce’s Instagram, it appears that the popular music star follows nobody. However, over 106 million people follow her. Ellen is looking to change this number. DeGeneres wants to be the only person that Beyonce follows. The lofty goal might sound impossible, but Ellen is already working her magic to make it happen. Giving the world a funny video of The Ellen Show audience dancing to one of Beyone’s singles, it appears the pressure is on.

Will Ellen be the solo follower of Beyonce? Well, if anyone could do this, it would be Ellen. She was the one person on Oprah’s Magazine cover that wasn’t Oprah (and the idea was a new goal shared with the viewers just like this one!)


This column was written by Jodi Jill. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter! (Photo: NBC)

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