Power season 5: Larenz Tate promoted to series regular

Larenz TateIf you’re looking for some great (and early) Power season 5 news, know this: Larenz Tate is going to have an even larger presence.

According to a new report coming in from Deadline, Tate is going to be around as a series regular for the fifth season in his role of Councilman Rashad Tate from the neighborhood of Jamaica Queens. Throughout the fourth season we saw him working alongside James St. Patrick to revitalize much of his old neighborhood, and using some of Jamie’s contacts and influence in order to establish the project. He even used some of his power to get the man otherwise known as Ghost a better deal from Simon Stern after he tried to keep the majority of the profits.

However, with every bit of goodwill on this show often comes a price, and that is something that you could be seeing even more of during season 5 with this character. Tate may want Jamie’s help, but he also wants to use and manipulate him. This is a guy who already made the funeral of Raina St. Patrick into more of a spectacle than what Jamie may have wanted, and this may be the beginning of some of what he wants to do. He’s very shrewd, very manipulative, and he understands precisely how to get what he wants and then some. All in all, we expect him to have a rather large presence throughout Power season 5 — and for him to not let Jamie out of his grasp at any point in the near future.

The one problem that Tate probably isn’t accounting for is what could happen to him in the event that he goes against Ghost — after all he is a rather dangerous man, and with that, he has the capacity to do some dangerous stuff if things really start to go awry. That may be expanded tenfold when you think more about what happened at the end of this past season with Kanan getting more in the picture. While Tate may not be an immediate target, that is not a partnership you want to mess with.

In the end, we do like when Power does get itself mixed into politics — as a result of that, you have to celebrate this promotion. The fifth season of the show is going to premiere next summer presumably on Starz, and we imagine that there is going to be so much more to share throughout the filming process in the coming months. If it is anything like the fourth season, we imagine that there are going to be many surprises along the way. (Let’s just hope for no more terrible character deaths.)

What do you think about this Larenz Tate promotion for Power season 5?

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